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  ID SeverityP StatusCategorySummaryUpdated 
 0028491 C - General 1 1
Resolved (Alexander Borup)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  DnD Editor
DnD Editor: Node drop placement is jumpy2018-04-25
 0028360 C - General   1
Resolved (Peter Hall)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  General
General: 'display_set_ui_visibility()' is not recognised by IDE, has manual page2018-04-25
 0029355 C - General    
Resolved (Peter Hall)
[Runner]  Variables
Variables: Changing room_persistent between true and false causes collision issues to occur2018-04-25
 0029362 C - General 1  
Feedback (Stewart Bishop)
[Runner]  Functions
Functions: array_create makes unfilled 2d arrays if size is >320002018-04-25
 0029357 D - Minor    
Assigned (Antanas Budvytis)
Google Play Extension: Admob rewards functions missing help in the extension editor2018-04-25
 0029360 B - Major 1 3
Assigned (Antanas Budvytis)
[Runner]  Audio
Audio: Audio doesn't play on iOS Safari or iOS Chrome when running via HTML52018-04-25
 0026769 A - Crash/Hang 8 13
Assigned (Sam Cumming)
[2.0 IDE Bugs]  Build Windows
Build Windows: IDE stalled causing high CPU usage when a build was stopped2018-04-25
 0028641 C - General 1  
Assigned (Mike Dailly)
[Runner]  HTML5
HTML5: 'layer' built-in does not evaluate correctly when running in HTML52018-04-24
 0029298 A - Crash/Hang   2
Resolved (Mike Dailly)
[Runner]  Windows
Windows: Game crashes with no code error upon interacting with a specific object, worked fine in 2.1.32018-04-24
 0029248 C - General 1  
Assigned (YellowAfterlife)
[Runner]  Windows (YYC)
YYC: if (!--val) produces invalid C++2018-04-24
 0028855 C - General 2 2
Resolved (Alexander Borup)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Saving
Saving: On opening a project I was given continuous GameMaker Studio 2 has become unstable messages2018-04-24
 0029146 B - Major    
Assigned (Stewart Bishop)
[Runner]  General
General: Users reporting FPS issues within their games2018-04-24
 0029300 B - Major   5
Resolved (Chris Harrison)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  General
General: Projects from 2.1.3 can lose rooms when imported to 2.1.42018-04-24
 0028881 C - General    
Resolved (Alexander Borup)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Debugger
Debugger: Closing debugger tab cancels non-debug build2018-04-24
 0028706 A - Crash/Hang 1  
Assigned (Mark Alexander)
[Runner]  Functions
Functions: Using sprite_add_from_surface crashes the runner2018-04-24
 0029333 A - Crash/Hang   2
Resolved (Russell Kay)
[Runner]  iOS
iOS: Playing audio externally before your game starts crashes the game on startup and causes issues if resuming2018-04-23
 0027811 B - Major   2
Assigned (Steven Campbell)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Runtimes
If you run out of space while downloading a runtime, it doesn't stop, just starts again2018-04-23
 0025732 C - General    
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.0 IDE Bugs]  Room Editor
Room Editor: Unable to hold down an arrow key to move an instance/asset, requires press and release2018-04-23
 0028763 Text/Typo 1 1
Assigned (Gavin Smart)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Game Options
Game Options: Tooltip for macOS "Signing Identifier" is out of date and incorrect for Sierra onwards - needs reviewed2018-04-23
 0021227 Suggestion 2  
[2.x IDE Suggestions]  Resource Tree
Missing Feature: Resource Tree: No ability to sort resource type/group by resource name2018-04-23
 0027262 C - General 1  
Assigned (Claire Hall)
[Runner]  Functions
Functions: load_csv() not reading the last line in a CSV2018-04-20
 0029334 C - General   1
Assigned (Mike Rennie)
[Runner]  Views / Cameras
Cameras: camera matrices are not being updated correctly2018-04-20
 0028524 C - General   2
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Runner]  HTML5
HTML5: window_set_fullscreen() does not have any effect, should be documented2018-04-20
 0026815 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Manual Content: The keyboard input section of the manual has several important omissions2018-04-20
 0029337 C - General 1  
Assigned (Mike Rennie)
[Runner]  Functions
Functions: draw_sprite_general() has issues when using a negative scale in the xscale or yscale arguments2018-04-20
 0028848 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Activating GameMaker: Studio page contains out of date information2018-04-19
 0029029 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Game_end lists Android as a platform on which the function will work which is no longer correct2018-04-19
 0028749 A - Crash/Hang 1 6
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Runner]  Android
Android: The OK button for show_message stops responding after you rotate your device and eventually crashes the app2018-04-19
 0028624 D - Minor 1 2
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Runner]  HTML5
HTML5: Sprite flush and prefetch functions don't work on HTML5, should change return value and/or document accordingly2018-04-19
 0029212 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Manual Content: Incorrect shortcut for bookmarks listed in shortcuts page2018-04-19
 0029217 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Manual Content: Mac Game Options "Enable Retina" missing entry in manual2018-04-19
 0029263 C - General   1
Resolved (Mark Alexander)
[Documentation]  Manual Content
Manual Content: camera_get_view_height and camera_get_view_width need to say these only work with view cameras2018-04-19
 0029331 B - Major    
Assigned (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Build Android
Build Android: Unable to build for Android using Support Library 28.0.0+2018-04-19
 0029332 C - General    
Assigned (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Game Options
Game Options: Android/Amazon Fire: Unable to specify an SDK which is known by a letter (not a number)2018-04-19
 0029173 B - Major 1 1
Resolved (Mike Rennie)
[Runner]  Events
HTML5 Mouse Events: Mouse pressed event not working on scaled canvas - collision mask is offset2018-04-18
 0027401 C - General    
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Search & Replace
Search & Replace: Replacing only replaces code, not comments2018-04-18
 0029241 C - General    
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Workspaces
Workspaces: Workspace Overview requires the user to provide input before they can use Up or Down on their keyboard2018-04-18
 0026109 C - General   1
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.0 IDE Bugs]  Resource Tree
Resource Tree: Selecting multiple shaders and setting the language type only affects the single shader clicked on2018-04-18
 0029281 C - General 2  
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Search & Replace
Search & Replace: Doesn't check instance creation code for sub-layer instances2018-04-18
 0029320 C - General 1  
Assigned (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Debugger
Debugger: Unable to debug scripts called with gml_pragma2018-04-18
 0026316 A - Crash/Hang 5 13
Resolved (Mike Dailly)
[2.0 IDE Bugs]  General
General: File Dialogues can get stuck and never appear2018-04-18
 0029283 B - Major 2 2
Resolved (Antanas Budvytis)
[Runner]  HTML5
HTML5: Unable to get the game to run on a higher resolution than 360x640 in Facebook Instant Games on mobile devices2018-04-18
 0026920 C - General   7
Feedback (Brian Morrice)
[2.0 IDE Bugs]  Output Window
Output Window: [Mac IDE] show_debug_message doesn't work on Mac IDE2018-04-18
 0029318 C - General   1
Assigned (Mike Dailly)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Room Editor
Room Editor: Able to change the variables on an instance that's on a locked layer2018-04-18
 0029118 C - General 1  
Resolved (Alan Savage)
UI: [Mac IDE] 'Maximum Logins Exceeded' dialog has too short buttons, box is cut off2018-04-17
 0029296 A - Crash/Hang 1  
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Room Editor
Room Editor: Crash when copy/pasting objects selected across multiple layers2018-04-17
 0028596 C - General 2 3
Assigned (Antanas Budvytis)
[Runner]  HTML5
HTML5: Attached project has mouse offset when running in HTML52018-04-17
 0029253 C - General 1  
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Resource Tree
Resource Tree: Highlighting text during a rename in the dark skin means you can't see what you've highlighted2018-04-17
 0027437 C - General 1  
Resolved (Steven Campbell)
Tree Views - Text highlight is too subtle against tree view node selected highlight2018-04-17
 0029302 C - General 1 1
Resolved (Alan Savage)
[2.1 IDE Bugs ]  Code Editor
Code Editor: camera_create_view fnames need to mention that the first 4 arguments are mandatory and the rest optional2018-04-17