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00316732.x IDE BugsImage EditorPublic2021-07-15 09:41
ReporterDanAssigned ToAlan Savage 
PriorityVery LowSeverityD - MinorReproducibility<25%
Status ResolvedResolutionSuspended 
Platform-OSWindows 10OS VersionPro x64
Product Version2.2.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0031673: Image Editor: Multi-clicking the OK button on the Import Image(s) dialog can result in multiple frames added
DescriptionWithin the Image Editor, multi-clicking the OK button on the Import Image(s) dialog can result in multiple frames added (one for each click, although in reality you only get time to at most double-click and end up with 2 frames - and actually, it's quite tricky to even do that unless something is making your machine run slow).

Expected: Clicking on the OK button more than once simply ignores the repeat clicks.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start GMS2 and create a new project.
2. Drag in the 512 image attached so this creates a new sprite.
3. Edit Image.
4. Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Import Image(s) dialog, point this at the other image.
5. Very quickly double-click the OK button.
6. Observe if you clicked quickly enough you can get multiple frames added for the new image.
Repro: <25% - although I think the only reason this isn't 100% is because this a timings or machine-performance thing, as I got it at the very first attempt, but having trouble reproducing now.
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2.x IDE Found In2.2.5.481
2.x Runtime Found In2.2.5.378
2.x IDE Verified In
2.x Runtime Verified In



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2021-07-15 09:41

Developer   ~0066272

Have moved to the current bug database now, as still happens in v2.3.3.