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0031646RunnerFunctionsPublic2021-08-06 16:34
ReporterScott DunbarAssigned ToCoreTech 
PriorityMediumSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ResolvedResolutionSuspended 
Product Version2.2.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0031646: Functions: window_get_visible_rects does not function on Ubuntu platform (may cause crash)
 The function window_get_visible_rects returns an empty array when targetting Ubuntu. The reporting user is also reporting a crash but I have not been able to replicate this internally)

 Matched functionality with Windows and Mac

Steps To Reproduce1. Import attached project
2. Run, targetting Ubuntu
3. Press Space bar and observe output in the terminal window
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1.4 Found In
2.x Runtime Found In2.2.5.378
2.x Runtime Verified In


Scott Dunbar

2020-03-02 14:59


UbuntuWinGetVisRect.yyz (20,236 bytes)


2021-08-06 16:34

Developer   ~0066676

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