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0030927RunnerAndroidPublic2019-06-20 13:59
ReporterDanAssigned ToFritz 
PriorityHighSeverityB - MajorReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
PlatformAndroidOSAndroid 9OS Version
Product Version2.2.2 
Target Version2.2.3Fixed in Version2.2.3 
Summary0030927: Android: Dragging the tray down over your game will cause the game to freeze until you close the tray
DescriptionOn Android, dragging the tray (notification bar) down over your game will cause the game to freeze until you close the tray. This causes issues for multiplayer games, etc. Some users report certain devices will fail to render the current frame of the game in this state, and so they actually get a white screen for the game until the tray is closed.

Note that you do have to open the proper/full tray a little way before the issue starts - simply dragging quickly to open the "first stage" status bar doesn't cause this for us.
Steps To Reproduce1. Run the attached sample on Android.
2. Drag down twice from the top of your device to pull down the tray to cover about 1/4 of your screen.
3. Observe the little yellow square stops spinning and just toggles between the current and previous frame.
4. Let go of the tray and observe the game resumes again.
Repro: 100%
Additional Information
Tagsandroid, Runner
1.4 Found In
2.x Runtime Found In2.2.2.326
2.x Runtime Verified In2.2.3.338



2019-05-24 11:10


testandroidtrayfreeze.yyz (22,240 bytes)


2019-06-18 16:16

Adminstrator   ~0064197

The runner has now been changed so that it won't pause on "focus changed" messages from the OS and instead will only pause when we get an explicit "onPause" message.


2019-06-18 16:16

Adminstrator   ~0064198

Runtime 338+


2019-06-20 13:59

Adminstrator   ~0064227

Change works fine on my OnePlus 5 now.