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0030922RunnerWindowsPublic2021-07-23 15:12
ReporterDanAssigned ToCoreTech 
PriorityLowSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ResolvedResolutionSuspended 
Platform-OSWindows 10OS VersionPro x64
Product Version2.2.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0030922: Windows: If you click/drag the titlebar, then input is "locked" and still remembered after you stop moving the window
DescriptionRunning games on Windows, if you click/drag the game's titlebar whilst holding down a key, then the input state is "locked" and still remembered after you stop moving the window. I.e., your key is still believed to be pressed.
Steps To Reproduce1. Run the attached sample on WIndows.
2. Press and hold the spacebar, see the message on-screen whilst you're holding the key down.
3. While holding space, briefly drag the game title bar with your mouse and at this time release the spacebar, then release LMB.
4. Observe even though you stopped pressing the spacebar, the game is still drawing the text to say the key is down.
Repro: 100%
Additional Information
1.4 Found In
2.x Runtime Found In2.2.2.326
2.x Runtime Verified In



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