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00305792.x IDE BugsLicensingPublic2021-07-16 15:48
ReporterBrian MorriceAssigned ToCoreTech 
PriorityHighSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ResolvedResolutionSuspended 
Product Version2.2.2 
Target Version2.3.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0030579: Licensing: Seats using "Auto-logout" and "Remember Me" set the admin email as the remembered username, not the seat name
DescriptionEducational seat accounts with the "log out on exit" preference activated and the "Remember Me" checkbox checked on the login screen, use the email address associated with the Educational Admin Account and not the seat name when filling-in the Username on the login dialog. This gives potentially sensitive information to non-admin users.

e.g. The seat: "Trial.002.4531" was created by the educational admin account Therefore, you need to log in using "Trial.002.4531" as the username. With "Remember Me" AND the "Log out on exit" preference active, closing GMS2 will log the seat out fine, but on starting GMS2 again it sets the username as "".
Steps To Reproduce1. Keeping the Remember Me checkbox checked, log in to GMS2 using an educational seat - use the username "Trial.002.4531" with the usual password
2. Go to File > Preferences > General Settings
3. Check the "Logout on exit" checkbox and click Apply then OK
4. Close and re-open GMS2
5. Observe the username field is not the "Trial.002.4531" username it should be, instead it's the email address of the seat admin account
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2019-03-12 16:16

Adminstrator   ~0063481

Have added for the FSD part of this ticket.

Then trimmed down this report to be purely the bug where it's the admin email being added to the login dialog and not the expected seat name.


2021-07-16 15:48

Developer   ~0066383

Have moved to the current bug database now, as still happens in v2.3.3.