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00304142.x IDE BugsPreferencesPublic2019-05-08 11:32
ReporterDanAssigned ToSteven Campbell 
PriorityHighSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Platform-OSWindows 10OS VersionPro x64
Product Version2.2.1 
Target Version2.2.3Fixed in Version2.2.3 
Summary0030414: Preferences: Restart of GMS2 is required after setting your Android SDK path before Game Options > Android works properly
DescriptionSetting up a fresh install of GMS2, you will see that a restart of GMS2 is required to populate the Android API dropdown in Game Options > Android after setting your SDK path in Preferences in the same IDE session.

Expected: No restart is required. (That when you set the Preferences, GMS2 sets up your Android settings and scans your SDK install folder, etc., once you click Apply/OK, rather than waiting until the next IDE startup to do this.)
Steps To Reproduce1. Fresh install GMS2.
2. File > Preferences > Platform Settings > Android. Fill in your SDK path correctly.
3. Create/open any project.
4. Game Options > Android. Observe the dropdown for supported API versions is empty.
Repro: 100%
2.x IDE Found In2.2.1.375
2.x Runtime Found In2.2.1.287
2.x IDE Verified In9.2.1.1805
2.x Runtime Verified In9.9.1.1431


Steven Campbell

2019-01-14 14:49

Manager   ~0062454

Fixed in Red IDE/GitHub Pull Request 4426
Git Id: 0d94b05883bdf163fdcacd798ed1aefce2a005b3