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00303192.x IDE BugsResource TreePublic2019-01-31 15:58
ReporterAlexander BorupAssigned ToSteven Campbell 
PriorityLowSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionPre-2.1.3 
Target Version2.2.2Fixed in Version2.2.2 
Summary0030319: Resource Tree: Cannot move groups under Rooms root node

- Within the 'Rooms' section of the resource tree, you cannot reorder any 'groups', but you can reorder standard 'room' nodes.


- Both 'groups' and 'rooms' should be reorder-able within the resource tree.
Steps To Reproduce- Within the 'Rooms' section of the resource tree, create some rooms and groups
- Reorder the rooms nodes
- Observe this works
- Try to reorder the groups
- Observe issue
TagsIDE, ResourceTree
2.x IDE Found In
2.x Runtime Found In
2.x IDE Verified In2.2.2.390
2.x Runtime Verified In2.2.1.291


Steven Campbell

2018-12-13 13:46

Manager   ~0062231

Fixed in Red IDE/GitHub Pull Request 4394
Git Id: c4f6aeb51d480b352a54a2f2ea75faf2294e20b7

Matthew McInnes

2019-01-31 15:53

Developer   ~0062613

Closing. Verified as fixed in:

Beta IDE v2.2.2.390 Runtime v2.2.1.291