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00298622.x IDE BugsUIPublic2021-01-18 13:59
ReporterMatthew McInnesAssigned ToCoreTech 
PriorityLowSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status AssignedResolutionOpen 
Product Version2.1.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0029862: UI: [Mac IDE] Only QWERTY keyboard layouts are supported. so some hotkeys function differently on AZERTY/Dvorak/etc
DescriptionOn Mac IDE, when the keyboard is set to French, certain keyboard shortcuts function differently, for example:
- CMD+A quits the IDE (as if CMD+Q was pressed)
- CMD+Z closes the in focus window (As if CMD+W was pressed)

This is because the OpenTK we're using only works off scan codes and is expecting QWERTY. We will need to replace this library with something which supports multiple keyboard layouts.

EXPECTED: The IDE should recognise when keyboard is in French, and adjust the shortcuts accordingly
Steps To Reproduce1) Change keyboard language (System Prefs -> Keyboard -> Input sources)
2) Launch IDE
3) Open some piece of code
4) Use CMD+A to select all
5) Observe the quit IDE dialog is shown
6) Open a window and press CMD+Z
7) Observe the window is closed (Should be CMD+W)
TagsIDE, input, mac
2.x IDE Found In2.1.5.322
2.x Runtime Found In2.1.5.246
2.x IDE Verified In
2.x Runtime Verified In


has duplicate 0031499 ClosedDan Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts use incorrect keys on macOS Catalina and Dvorak keyboard layout 


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