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00292012.x IDE SuggestionsGame OptionsPublic2018-03-26 10:18
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Summary0029201: Suggestion: Game Options: iOS: No way to specify app permissions in the IDE, so prompts always occur "on demand"
DescriptionThere is currently no way to specify iOS permissions in Game Options. This means that users will have to accept the prompt that appears when a specific permission is used.

For example, while testing audio recording on iOS, I had to use the microphone. Since there is no permissions section in Game Options, I was unable to ask for that permission until I called audio_start_recording(), which popped up a dialog on my iOS device.

We should add a section into Game Options to specify permissions for iOS.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Game Options > iOS.
2. Observe that you cannot set permissions anywhere.
3. Open the attached project.
4. Run for iOS.
5. Press the record button (light blue).
6. Observe that a prompt for permission to use the microphone appears.
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