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00288891.4 IDE BugsSprite EditorPublic2018-05-09 15:51
ReporterRoss ManthorpAssigned ToDan 
PriorityLowSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionWon't Fix 
PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10OS VersionWindows 10
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0028889: Sprite Editor: Bounding Box Elipse or Diamond wrong if you use an image with an even width an incorrect shape
DescriptionIf you use an image with an even width, an incorrect shape is set for the sprite.
The size displayed in the editor does not match the size actually set.
This is a big problem in games that require precise judgment and games that use expanded sprites.
When "Elipse" or "Diamond" is specified in "Bounding Box", the figure covers from the upper left to the lower right of the image in the editor, but the coordinates of the lower right are actually -1 in the editor.

Because explanation is difficult, please see the image
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1.4 Found In1.4.1788


Ross Manthorp

2018-02-13 11:59


0AmnzAP.jpg (129,961 bytes)
0AmnzAP.jpg (129,961 bytes)

Mike Dailly

2018-02-14 09:35

Developer   ~0057720

I suspect that since circle and diamond are not mathematical, but bitmaps, they WILL be based on single pixel peaks, and so this may just be the way it works.


2018-05-09 15:50

Adminstrator   ~0059292

No longer fixing minor, rare/machine-specific, or easily worked around 1.4 bugs. Resolving as Won't Fix.