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0028791Runner SuggestionsFunctionsPublic2018-01-30 16:58
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned To 
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Summary0028791: Suggestion: Functions: Add in an optional parameter for draw_text_ext to allow word wrapping in the middle of words
DescriptionWith a recent change we reverted the commonly known behavior for this function and in turn have started receiving support tickets inquiring about it.

We should have added in an optional parameter to keep the current behavior and make the changed behavior the default.

e.g., draw_text_ext(200, 200, "kjhsdfkfjlkgdjkzlsgjdlzks;gjs;kgjsklgjzgd", 10, 30, true); would force the wrap at a width of 30


draw_text_ext(200, 200, "kjhsdfkfjlkgdjkzlsgjdlzks;gjs;kgjsklgjzgd", 10, 30);
draw_text_ext(200, 200, "kjhsdfkfjlkgdjkzlsgjdlzks;gjs;kgjsklgjzgd", 10, 30, false);

would require you to add whitespace, as we have it now
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