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00284882.x IDE BugsRoom EditorPublic2018-09-28 14:08
ReporterSam CummingAssigned ToCoreTech 
PriorityMediumSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status AssignedResolutionOpen 
Product Version2.1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0028488: Room Editor: Dragging objects in a room with many objects causes the IDE to lag
DescriptionIf you drag an object around a room that has a large amount of objects (2000 ~), the IDE lags considerably. Doing the same in 1.x works smoothly, with no lag.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open the attached project.
2. Open the Room.
3. Drag an object around the room
4. Observe that the IDE lags.
TagsIDE, RoomEditor
2.x IDE Found In2.1.3.268
2.x Runtime Found In2.1.3.185
2.x IDE Verified In
2.x Runtime Verified In


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Sam Cumming

2017-12-06 09:59


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