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00281602.x IDE SuggestionsGame OptionsPublic2018-03-21 14:18
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Summary0028160: Game Options - Android: When adding any google service extension, check to see if it's in the library first
DescriptionWhile adding any google extension to a project from the Android Game Options, you are always prompted to go to the marketplace, even though you may already have the extension downloaded and in your library. GMS2 should check for this and instead of taking you to the marketplace, it should take you to the library page for the extension so it can be added.

Better still would be to prompt the user saying "you have this extension in your library, would you like to add it to the project?" and have GMS2 automatically download it (if required) and add it into the project without the user ever having to go to the marketplace or their library pages.
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2017-10-26 14:14

Adminstrator   ~0056252

There should be a check in there that the version in My Library is actually the current version, bu then yes ;)