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00279772.x IDE Suggestions[All Projects] GeneralPublic2019-02-11 10:22
ReporterMark AlexanderAssigned ToSonat Ozturk 
Status ClosedResolutionNo Change Required 
Summary0027977: Suggestion: Tiles: [GMS2] Missing tileset functions
DescriptionAll resources in GMS have a few functions in common: _add, _delete and _get_name, for example. However there are NO tileset resource functions in GMS2. So, at the very least, I'd suggest adding:

tileset_add(sprite, cell_width, cell_height, xoffset, yoffset, sepx, sepy);
tileset_get_name(tileset_id); //only for tilesets added in the IDE
tileset_get_width(tileset_id); // Cell width
tileset_get_height(tileset_id); // Cell height

This would permit people to create sprite tileset textures and add them with sprite_add then use that to create a tileset resource to be used with the tiltemap/layer functions, enabling custom tilemaps at runtime.


has duplicate 0025286 ClosedDan Runner Suggestions Suggestion: Functions: [GMS2] Need a tileset_get_name() function 


Mike Dailly

2017-10-04 20:53

Developer   ~0055933

Changed to suggestion. This was a design choice at the time, generating tiles isn't just a matter of pointing to a texture.

We have plans to add this, but not for some time.