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00277522.x IDE SuggestionsDebuggerPublic2019-09-23 13:49
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned ToScott Dunbar 
Status FeedbackResolutionOpen 
Summary0027752: Debugger: iOS debug should connect without requiring the device's IP to be provided by the user
DescriptionRecently we found out that you can launch a terminal which just sits and waits to connect the debugger to your device without actually requiring you to put the IP of the device in the debugger we instead just listen on localhost and work through the terminal.

We should actually implement this inside the IDE now that we know it works.
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Alan Savage

2017-12-13 15:31

Developer   ~0057033

runtime 98d03109a1ecd9c27135ce1416a826c397627ed7
IDE - 875a82e2344c01411588468323772e81ce9bdbc7
-iOS debug does not require device IP on MacIDE only (connects through tunnel)
 -if device IP has been entered it is used as fallback in case of tunnel failure
-on windows IDE, iOS device IP is still required as remote connection to tunnel does not appear to work