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00276222.x IDE SuggestionsStart PagePublic2017-11-17 10:41
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Summary0027622: Start Page: No system for notifying and offering updates of a demo/tutorial after it has been downloaded
DescriptionThe only way to currently fix having a stale copy of a demo or tutorial is to go into the appdata/config folder in Explorer/Finder and delete the .yymp file and then download the tutorial again, which is not ideal and not something we should be telling our customers to do.

Expected: When you visit the relevant start page we refesh the manifest/recheck the versions and then add a notification icon onto the assets which have updates available. If you attempt to create a project from an asset which has an update, we prompt the user to update first (and then continue automatically to create the project).
Steps To Reproduce1) Roll back the My First Game tutorial
2) Download that
3) Create a project of it
4) See that this is potentially broken
5) Change the tutorial back to the latest version
6) Create another instance of the tutorial
7) See that your tutorial is potentially still broken
8) Go into your .config folder and delete the relevant .yymp file for the tutorial
9) Download the tutorial againb
10) See that this has now worked
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