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00274052.x IDE BugsObject EditorPublic2020-03-27 14:16
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned ToDavid Clarke 
PriorityLowSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Product Version2.2.0 
Target Version2.3.0Fixed in Version2.3.0 
Summary0027405: Object Editor: Physics Collision Shape Editor: "Centre Fit" doesn't centre correctly if using circles
DescriptionAs the title says if you open the physics collision shape editor then select the circle shape and press centre to fit it will do nothing, convex shape will also do nothing whilst there are no points.

Expected would be that within a circle we'd always centre on the sprite attached to the object and within a convex shape without any points selected we'd also focus on the sprite. If no sprite is attached to the object then centre to fit would continue to do nothing.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create an object
2) Attach a sprite
3) Open physics collision shape editor
4) Centre to fit as you should be on circle by default
5) See that nothing happens
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2.x IDE Found In2.1.0.192
2.x Runtime Found In2.1.0.129
2.x IDE Verified In9.2.1.2152
2.x Runtime Verified In9.9.1.1717


Russell Kay

2018-06-15 14:41

Manager   ~0060398

This definitely does not work as centre fit on a circle has centre point on the left and fills the view with the right hand half of the circle (really lower right quadrant).

Scott Dunbar

2019-10-21 09:54

Adminstrator   ~0065024

Confirmed still an issue in

It is only the circle that has issues

1) Create an object
2) Attach a sprite
3) Open physics collision shape editor
4) Select Circle shape
5) Click the Center Fit option (the box in the upper right of the editor canvas)
6) Observe that the circle is not correctly center fit


2019-11-14 15:10

Adminstrator   ~0065111

Last edited: 2020-01-15 16:58

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Has now been fixed ahead of 2.3.0

Scott Dunbar

2020-03-09 16:24

Adminstrator   ~0065491

Verified fixed in IDE v9.2.1.2152 Runtime v9.9.1.1717


2020-03-27 14:16

Adminstrator   ~0065549

2.3.0 CB5