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00270872.x IDE SuggestionsDebuggerPublic2019-02-11 12:05
ReporterMark AlexanderAssigned ToSonat Ozturk 
PriorityVery LowSeverityMissing FeatureReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionNo Change Required 
Summary0027087: Suggestion: Debugger: Option to export profile data as CSV missing
DescriptionIn the old profiler you could RMB on the main data window and export the current view as a CSV file. In the 2.1 debugger this option is missing and I feel it should be there.


Alexander Borup

2017-09-07 12:17

Developer   ~0055344

What is the "current view"? The new debugger automatically saves its layout

Mark Alexander

2017-09-14 11:12

Developer   ~0055492

The profiling window is what the bug refers to. See how 1.4 did it:

I'm only bringing this up because it was a 1.4 feature, but I have no idea how widely used it was, and am indifferent to whether it is added to to 2 or not... :P