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00269312.x IDE SuggestionsCompilingPublic2019-02-20 09:59
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PlatformmacOSOSSierraOS Version10.12.5
Summary0026931: Suggestion: Compiling: [Testing on Mac to not require Mac App ID and Apple dev account]
DescriptionI'm wondering if Apple dev account and team ID should really be required for the VM compiler? I'd assume many users of the desktop version of Studio2 won't be professionals, and even for professional use it's nice to be able to test your games before you sign for a dev account.
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2017-06-29 09:15

Adminstrator   ~0053966

This has been raised before a couple of times during 1.4, but Apple don't want you doing this anyway, and for us it's an extra build path which needs to be made and maintained for users to be able to click one button, run their game, then know that they need to go make their (free for local testing) Apple dev account before they can do anything else anyway.