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00263402.x IDE SuggestionsCompilingPublic2018-05-09 16:29
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Summary0026340: Suggestion: Compiling: If a compiler error has been found, stop the build rather than continuing knowing it will fail
DescriptionDuring a build I managed to get about 10 compiler errors during an early stage of the build. However, the build then continued on for another 5 minutes, despite me knowing it was going to fail, and still continues to generate texture pages, etc.

Suggestion: If we can detect a compiler error and show this during the build process, then we should stop a build before continuing past the code stage, as the build is guaranteed to fail.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a project
2) Create a script
3) Write something which will throw a compiler error
4) Create an object which calls the script
5) Place object in room
6) Run project
7) See that it'll show the compiler error before the build has finished and not quit
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