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00262832.x IDE SuggestionsRoom EditorPublic2018-06-25 09:36
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Platform-OSWindows 10OS VersionPro x64
Summary0026283: Suggestion: Room Editor: "Shift Selected Layers" button in Layers tab
DescriptionI'd like a "shift selected layers" button that allow you to input x/y coordinates for a relative shift of whatever layers are selected. Maybe after the create new asset layer button and before the new folder button.

In the room editor there doesn't seem to be any way to quickly accurately shift whole layers over for instances, assets, or tile layers or all at once. Even if you take the time to select each instance you can't be as accurate as you'd like to with entering the x/y coordinates.

With tiles you can offset them precisely (which can have some good uses), but that doesn't fix the problem if you want a section of tiles moved over, but want to put new tiles on the layer in the areas that were off screen before the offset. With tile layers it could move over a certain number of cells then change the offset too, if there is a remainder, to get to the same place as other shifted layers. The placement need to be fixed sometimes and this button would make it a lot easier.
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