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00254502.x IDE BugsBuild iOSPublic2019-01-31 10:57
ReporterDanAssigned ToFritz 
PriorityHighSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
PlatformiOSOSWindows 8OS Version8.1 Pro x64
Product VersionPre-2.1.3 
Target Version2.2.2Fixed in Version2.2.2 
Summary0025450: Build iOS: Output Window details stops when the game starts running, so no feedback build succeed until game is shut down
DescriptionAll Output Window detail stops when the game starts running on the device, so if you're not sat looking at the device there is no feedback on your PC that the build succeed... until you notice, finish testing your game and the game is shut down. At which point you get a wall of output text saying how the build progressed, completed, and ran on your device.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start GMS2 and open/create any project (change game options > iOS if required).
2. Run the game non-suppressed.
3. Observe the output window will go silent after a while. Check your device to confirm if the game is running.
4. If it is, close the game.
5. Observe your Output Window will now be updated with your missing feedback.

Repro: 100%
TagsBuild, IDE, ios
2.x IDE Found In2.0.4.64
2.x Runtime Found In2.0.4.42
2.x IDE Verified In2.2.2.390
2.x Runtime Verified In2.2.2.302


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