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00251702.x IDE SuggestionsRoom EditorPublic2017-11-17 10:41
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Summary0025170: Suggestion: Room Editor: Free asset deformation on asset layer sprites
DescriptionAs mentioned in this topic, and accepted by Mike:

Since now we have "asset layer" on which we can put sprites instead of objects, it would be nice, if we can transform them. My proposal is, that at least you can select on how many sections sprite should be divided (if vertex points cannot be added manually), and then allow to drag edges of polygons, so you can freely transform square image into other shapes.

I've attached two screens showing before and after:
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Richard Gribble

2017-01-10 16:22


gm-asset-now.jpg (140,508 bytes)
gm-asset-now.jpg (140,508 bytes)
gm-asset-free-deform.jpg (144,736 bytes)
gm-asset-free-deform.jpg (144,736 bytes)