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0024945Marketplace Assets/Extensions[All Projects] GeneralPublic2018-06-18 09:41
ReporterTaler DaleAssigned To 
PriorityNoneSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
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Summary0024945: New facebook extension for iOS is broken
DescriptionBasically what happens is the facebook_status function, after the user authorizes the app, does not reflect this authorization. the result of facebook_status() will return processing.

My work around this is as follows: If os_type is os_ios, constantly call facebook_login().

In the extension code File, I altered the login function and added this at line 204:
    if ([[self loginStatus] isEqualToString:@"PROCESSING"]) {

(after the accestoken != nil if statement)

This fixes it fully but is inconsistant with how the extension works on other devices SAMPLE URL:
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