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00232492.x IDE SuggestionsOutput WindowPublic2017-11-17 10:41
ReporterLewis CrawfordAssigned To 
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Summary0023249: General: You cannot copy syntax errors or compile errors to you clipboard, making bug reports of help posts on forums harder
DescriptionYou cannot copy the text of a Syntax Error or Compile Error to your clipboard at the moment, which means you have to manually type out the message, or take a screenshot of the message instead. Being able to copy the error as text is quicker, and allows you to

It would be helpful for writing bug reports, and would probably also be helpful for users asking others for help on forums, if there was some way to copy the text to your clipboard so you could paste it online, or into some other type of document.

Adding "right-click > copy line to clipboard" and "right-click > copy all lines to clipboard" in each of these windows would be very helpful.
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Mike Dailly

2016-08-23 15:33

Developer   ~0047188

Compile errors can be copied. Syntax errors are less important. Changing to a suggestion for 2.1