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00228602.x IDE BugsUIPublic2018-09-06 17:18
ReporterLewis CrawfordAssigned ToClaire Hall 
PriorityMediumSeverityD - MinorReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Product VersionPre-2.1.3 
Target Version2.1.4Fixed in Version2.2.0 
Summary0022860: UI: Using Tab to navigate through panels with a scrollbar does not auto-scroll when the tab focus goes off screen.
DescriptionWhen navigating through the elements of a panel whose contents are too large so it requires a scrollbar, you would expect that tabbing to elements that are off-screen would scroll the scrollbar down to make them visible. This does not occur, and you can tab into any of the off-screen elements without being able to see them

Examples of places that get a scrollbar:
* Image editor's layer panel when there are lots of layers
* DnD toolbox window (for scripts or objects)
* Room Editor's layer panel when there are lots of layers
* Room Editor's layer properties panel for most layer types
Steps To Reproduce1: Open GameMaker with a new project
2: Open the Room Editor for the default room
3: Select the background layer
4: Click on the header for the Layer Properties panel
5: Press Tab a few times until the focus goes off screen
6: Keep pressing tab, and note you are tabbing into elements you cannot see, and the scrollbar does not move down to make them visible.
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2.x IDE Found In0.0.1.169
2.x Runtime Found In0.0.1.38
2.x IDE Verified In2.2.0.333
2.x Runtime Verified In2.2.0.251


Lewis Crawford

2016-07-20 14:54


Chris Harrison

2017-04-05 14:49

Developer   ~0052631

I think someone else should handle this.

Matthew McInnes

2018-09-06 17:18

Developer   ~0061539

Closing. Verified as fixed in:

IDE v2.2.0.333 Runtime v2.2.0.251