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00228282.x IDE SuggestionsImage EditorPublic2019-02-11 10:22
ReporterLewis CrawfordAssigned ToSonat Ozturk 
Status ClosedResolutionNo Change Required 
Summary0022828: Image Editor: Keyboard shortcuts when using the text tool do not behave as expected
DescriptionWhen typing using the text tool, you would expect common text editing keyboard shortcuts to behave as they would when typing text, rather than defaulting to their Image Editor behavior. This can lead to some strange results, as the keyboard shortcuts alter the image, but the text cursor still remains active.

Expected shortcuts for editing text:

* Ctrl + A - should select all text being typed, not the entire image canvas
* Ctrl + Z - should undo text typed, not undo the adding of the new text layer
* Ctrl + Y - should redo text typed
* Ctrl + X - should cut highlighted text, not highlighted image area
* Ctrl + C - should copy highlighted text, not start painting with copied image brush
* Ctrl + V - should paste textual clipboard in text tool, not start painting with a weird full-alpha version of the current brush ( )

A similar bug was opened here about Ctrl+A: . This was closed, as GameMaker does not support text layers. This bug is different, because the layer although the layer is expected to behave like a normal image layer after the text changes are committed, you would still expect these keyboard shortcuts should work while the text tool is still active.
Steps To Reproduce1: Open the Image Editor for any sprite
2: Select the text tool
3: Click the central area, and note a new text layer gets added
4: Start typing

5: Press Ctrl+Z - note the new text layer gets removed, and you are now typing on the layer below.

6: Press Ctrl+Y - note you move up a layer

7: Press Ctrl+A - note the whole layer highlights

8: Press Ctrl+C - note you are prompted to commit tool changes, and will start painting with a full-image brush if you press "Yes".


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