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00227832.x IDE SuggestionsCode EditorPublic2018-11-08 15:37
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned ToDan 
Status ClosedResolutionNo Change Required 
Summary0022783: Code Editor: Default font is blurry and doesn't scale well with DPI
DescriptionCurrently using the default font of Courier New at 10 pixels with Anti Aliasing off you get a very blurry and hard to read font. Increasing the size of the font and turning anti aliasing on doesn't help either.

Changing the default font to something like Sitka Small at 12 pixels with Anti Aliasing on made this better but was still blurry on some colours.
Steps To Reproduce1) Change your DPI to 175%+
2) Create a project
3) Create a script
4) Type some text
5) See that this is blurry and pixelated making it seem low quality
6) Turn on Anti Aliasing in the preferences
7) See that this still has made no difference
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Stewart Bishop

2016-07-18 15:53


DefaultFontIsBlurry.png (400,161 bytes)


2018-11-08 15:37

Adminstrator   ~0061982

NCR / Mostly fixed ages ago.