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00223672.x IDE SuggestionsUIPublic2018-05-09 10:38
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Summary0022367: UI: Paths - Add absolute coordinates to cursor in Physics Collision Shape Editor, Path Editor and Room Editor path layers
DescriptionIt would be helpful to change the coordinates above the cursor as seen in the mockup attached.

In the path/node editing panel for the Physics Collision Shape Editor, the Path Editor, and the Room Editor (for path layers), the cursor currently displays the delta coordinates between where was last clicked, and where the cursor currently is. It would be very helpful to show the absolute coordinates here, as these would be useful for most operations involving moving nodes around.

The current behavior (displaying delta only) makes it hard to use, as it becomes difficult to place nodes exactly where you want them without first calculating what the delta from the current coordinate to the desired coordinate is.

Showing the absolute coordinates would be extremely helpful in most use cases, but showing the coordinate delta may be helpful in a small number of cases too (e.g. moving a node 10 to the left).

Although the absolute coordinates are available elsewhere in the UI, they do not update in realtime (which makes it difficult to adjust precisely), and are not directly over the cursor (so you need to look elsewhere on the screen, rather than where your actual mouse is).

As such, it would make these 3 editors a lot easier to use if they displayed both the absolute coordinates and the coordinate delta over the mouse (updating in real time).

Additional InformationMe, Sam, Dan, Stewart, Ross, all feel that the absolute coordinates would be useful here, as the information is not available updating in realtime elsewhere in the UI for all the editors.

Alex presents some use cases where the delta would be useful too.

Having both sets of coordinates (as in the mockup screenshot) would give the best of both worlds, and mean you didn't need to do any calculations no-matter what use case you are trying to accomplish with it.
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Lewis Crawford

2016-07-05 12:18


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