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00212272.x IDE SuggestionsResource TreePublic2018-04-23 10:14
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Platform-OSWindows 8OS Version8.1 Pro x64
Summary0021227: Missing Feature: Resource Tree: No ability to sort resource type/group by resource name
DescriptionCurrently, within the Resource Tree there is no ability to sort a resource type/group by the name of each individual resource, e.g.: ant, dog, cat, ball *Right-click and sort by name* ant, ball, cat, dog.

Please, when we do this can we at the same time sort the long-time Studio issue of groups not being collated to the start/end of the resource type (the start would be my preference) and instead mixed throughout the non-grouped resources. See screenshot 2.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start the IDE.
2. Open/create any project with a selection of resources.
3. Right-click a populated resource type and observe no "Sort by name" context menu.

Repro: 100%
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has duplicate 0028561 ClosedDan 2.x IDE Bugs Missing Feature: Resource Tree: Unable to Sort Resource Tree, possible in 1.x