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0021179Runner SuggestionsFunctionsPublic2017-03-07 15:22
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Summary0021179: Suggestion: Functions: Return a list of the layers which currently exist within a room
DescriptionCurrently there is no way to return a list of all the layers that you have created within both the Room Editor and the Code Editor, the only way to know all the IDs is to manually store them in variables until you need them again.

Ideally we add in a function which you pass in a room and it will return a list of the layer IDs which you can then iterate over to then do whatever you need.

For example this is useful for finding if a specific layer exists at a certain depth as there currently is no layer_exists_at_depth function you could loop through all the layers that currently exist and use layer_get_depth(layerID) to find out if this is true or not.
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