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00210812.x IDE SuggestionsUIPublic2017-11-17 10:41
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Platform-OSWindows 8OS Version8.1 Pro x64
Summary0021081: Suggestion: UI: Some indicator that a build is (still) in progress, for on slow/busy machines
DescriptionSome indicator that a build is (still) in progress, which would be very useful for on slow/busy machines - my home machine isn't bad, but when I have a few things going on beside 2016 there are a few stages in the build process where nothing visible happens for an extended period of time and so you begin to wonder if something has gone wrong.

Also, we don't always force switching to the Output window's "Output" tab (where the user will see their build progress at the start of a new build), which can also add confusion as to if the build is taking place.

Suggested: We add a Running/Building/Exporting messages into the same system we use for showing saving/loading progress indicators. See the attached mock-up.
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2016-04-09 16:47


CompilingIndication.png (2,430 bytes)
CompilingIndication.png (2,430 bytes)