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Summary0019446: Suggestion: Room Editor: Room Properties, Room Layers, Layer Properties and Creation Code could be changed to use column views
DescriptionAt current within the Room Editor we have the Room Properties, Room Layers, Layer Properties and Creation Code which can take up a vast amount of space within the Room Editor.

A few examples of how the Room Editor becomes cluttered very quickly:

* Expanding a few tabs on the Room Properties window
* Adding more than four layers to the Room Layers window
* Opening the Creation Code as this is attached to the left of the Room Editor
* Using a Dock to store these which shrinks the space available for the actual Room

My suggestion is to merge the functionality of all these windows into the Room Properties window and change how the Room Properties window works to make it function similarly to how an Object works.

As seen on the screenshot provided we keep the Room Settings on the main tab as this is information which should always be visible and then we have four buttons for the Creation Code, Layers, Views and Physics columns.

Layers would open a separate window in the next adjacent column and use the current interface which is provided within the current Room Layers window, this would allow the user to create a Layer as currently implemented and when the user then clicked on that Layer it would display the Layer Properties in the next adjacent column.

Views could be opened like Events on an Object to create a separate window in the next adjacent column. Rather than providing a set list of Views however this list would be unpopulated by default and we would just allow the user to create as many Views as required. When a View is created this would open a window in the next adjacent column which would display all the required fields to edit that specific View similar to the current Physics window in an Object.

Physics is already supported in the Object window so this would just change to the fields needed for the Room Editor.

Creation Code would open similarly to how a code event happens in an Object just instead of it being anchored to the Room it would be anchored to the Room Properties window instead.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a Room
2) Notice the 2-4 floating windows which get in the way of viewing the actual room
3) See the mock ups provided to get an idea of how the above suggestion would look
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Stewart Bishop

2015-11-12 11:24