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00194082.x IDE SuggestionsCode EditorPublic2017-11-17 13:42
ReporterAlexander BorupAssigned To 
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Summary0019408: Suggestion: Code Editor: Allow free drag&drop to dock instead of context menu (docking widget)
DescriptionTo "dock" code windows you currently right-click and say "Single pane / 2 columns / 3 columns" depending on what you want. I would like to remove this and instead allow dragging a tab, show a little directional widget and drop the tab where I want it to be docked. Similarly to Visual Studio - for the text editor panel only.

Reason: I prefer rows over columns for multiple code views as I prioritize line width over line count, and adding 2 more context menu buttons for "2 Rows / 3 Rows" is not a solution from a usability standpoint. This docking widget would solve that.
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