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00187582.x IDE SuggestionsImage EditorPublic2018-05-09 16:35
ReporterMark AlexanderAssigned To 
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Summary0018758: Suggestion: Image Editor: Please make the colour picker like [Pyxel Edit's]
DescriptionOne of the joys of using Pyxel Edit is it's colour picker, which is really simple yet has some nifty options especially useful for pixel art, ie: hue, saturation, shading and lightness controls. I'd love to see this added!

See image for better explanation and here's the link for Pyxel Edit (worth a look, as it seems very much like what the sprite editor could be):
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Mark Alexander

2015-08-24 11:06


Ross Manthorp

2015-11-20 14:09

Adminstrator   ~0040723

I would very much like this feature.

Alexander Borup

2015-11-20 14:12

Developer   ~0040724

Should be quite easy to add... and a very nice addition.

Darrell Flood

2015-11-23 14:02

Developer   ~0040770

Yup. This is similar to my request for a "palette". Please add it (very useful for retro-pixel-spriting).