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0017496Runner[All Projects] FunctionsPublic2021-08-05 17:03
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Summary0017496: Functions: Android Gamepads not functioning as expected
DescriptionI'll explain exactly what problems with the gamepad on android I'm having. BTW my Xbox controller works perfect on windows.

Turn on BLUETOOTH permission:
Gamepad is detected by the app, but does not detect button presses if the gamepad is powered on after the app launched. Gamepad works if it's power on before the app launches. The app crashes when the gamepad is powered off.

Turn on Bluetooth gamepad/icade support:
Gamepad is detected by the app, but no button presses are detected no matter what.

Both turned on:
Gamepad is detected, but no button presses work no matter what. The app crashes when the gamepad is powered off.

Both turned off:
Gamepad works, but the app crashes when the gamepad is powered off.

Android Gamepad: Nyko Play Pad Pro

Android Device: Dell Venue 7

I have gamepads and Bluetooth both turned on in the global game settings. I attached a simple example I made to show you what's happening. This is what happens to me when I pair a single gamepad to my android:

A single gamepad is paired with and connected to my android:
Connected Gamepads: 0110
Gamepads A Pressed: 0000

A single gamepad is paired with and connect to my android + A button is being pressed:
Connected Gamepads: 0110
Gamepads A Pressed: 0010

Also I notice when ever I take a screenshot using the power and volume buttons on my android it says:
Connected Gamepads: 0111
Gamepads A Pressed: 0000

On windows with an Xbox 360 controller it works as expected like this:
Connected Gamepads: 1000
Gamepads A Pressed: 1000

I've played many other games (not created with game maker studio) on my android with this same gamepad and they all work, so I'm confident my gamepad is functioning properly.
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Daniel Johnston

2015-03-26 08:44


android_gamepads.png (45,807 bytes)
android_gamepads.png (45,807 bytes)

Daniel Johnston

2015-03-26 08:45


broken-android-gamepads.gmz (1,203,187 bytes)


2015-03-30 15:36

Adminstrator   ~0036563

We did make a fix for detecting Bluetooth identifiers on Android devices, which would have covered gamepads. It was fine in testing, but we'll have another look into this issue now. Interesting that yours is looking at a huge number of known Bluetooth devices.

Neil Wicker

2015-03-30 16:14

Updater   ~0036576

Tested with a moga pro and got 0100 and 0100 when 'A' was pressed. Also reproduced the issue of another bluetooth device connecting when a screenshot was taken.

Russell Kay

2016-09-02 14:12

Manager   ~0048199

Can we check this again on the current version

Russell Kay

2018-06-14 11:31

Manager   ~0060251

I suspect that this issue here is that devices other than gamepads are coming through and we need to narrow this down


2021-08-05 17:03

Developer   ~0066658

Unable to confirm now, as missing required device. If this still happens in the current GMS2 release, then we will investigate a fresh report. Closing.