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0016877Runner3DPublic2018-05-09 16:29
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Summary0016877: 3D: Drawing primitives overfills vertex buffer

for creating a complex-background graphic on a surface, I've encountered into an issue with GM:Studio.
Apparently every primitive I draw in a single step, no matter whether onto the screen or onto a custom surface, is loaded into the "vertex buffer".
For creating the background, I require many thousands of polygons what causes the following error:
Fatal Error: Can not create vertex buffer of size 98304 bytes
9467 vertex buffers allocated with total size of 956192 KB

Would be great if there would be a function to flush the vertex buffer manually.

By the way: The exact code worked perfectly fine in GM 8.1! There I can even draw millions of polygons.
Isn't it possible to allow that in Game Maker Studio as well?

I've also tried the GM:S way of drawing primitives via the functions vertex_create_buffer(), vertex_begin, ... and vertex_delete_buffer(buff).
But it resulted in exactly the same error message although the vertex-buffer was clearly deleted.

Hope this can be solved!
If it helps: The issue appears on a Surface Pro 2 with an integrated graphics.
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Neil Wicker

2014-12-17 12:27

Updater   ~0034803

Assigning for future reference.

From the ticket:

Technically it is not a bug (he has created a primitive buffer that is too big) but we could possibly handle this better (please direct to Mike Rennie... we may yet decide to do nothing with it though)


Russell Kay

2018-05-03 21:24

Manager   ~0059046

this was a user problem (see the comments)


2018-05-09 15:28

Adminstrator   ~0059224

Agreed. Closing.