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0015291RunnerAndroidPublic2019-02-13 13:34
ReporterTeamSteeveAssigned ToFritz 
PriorityMediumSeverityC - GeneralReproducibility100%
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Summary0015291: Android: display_get_orientation() incorrect when flipping device upside-down
DescriptionOn the latest Early Access version:
If you turn a device from landscape to landscape flipped (this is without the orientation changing to portrait in-between these changes), then display_get_orientation() will keep returning display_landscape and not display_landscape_flipped as it should.

The same goes for landscape flipped to landscape, portrait to portrait flipped, and portrait flipped to portrait.
Steps To ReproduceI've attached a gmz that can display the problem.
It checks which constant display_get_orientation() is returning each step, and displays that constant name.

Turn the device upside-down quickly or flip it upside-down without turning it, and you will see that although the OS will change the orientation, display_get_orientation() will not change the value it returns.
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1.4 Found In1.99.170
2.x Runtime Found In
2.x Runtime Verified In



2014-07-10 05:01


AndroidOrientation.gmz (904,100 bytes)


2014-07-17 00:28

Updater   ~0031170

This is still an issue in v1.99.177

Russell Kay

2014-07-17 10:37

Manager   ~0031178

Please attach the logcat output I am particularly interested in any lines that start "Rotation - " or "calculated orientation - "

How this works will also depend on which version of Android you are using as earlier versions of Android did not know anything about flipped orientations... that is a fairly recent addition to the Android OS.


2014-07-17 11:32

Updater   ~0031184

Well I would, but I can't get my phone working through USB.
I've tried downloading drivers but nothing seems to work. :/


2014-07-17 12:03

Updater   ~0031185

...and now I have managed to get it running through USB. Attaching logcat momentarily.


2014-07-17 12:04


outfile.text (2,198,160 bytes)


2014-07-20 09:24

Updater   ~0031209

FYI, tried also on my wife's phone running KitKat and the issue was the same, so all devices I've tried ranging from Android versions 2.3.3 up to 4.4.2 do exactly the same thing.


2014-08-12 02:27

Updater   ~0031786

Tried setting the orientation to only landscape and landscape flipped in the global game settings.

It will flip in-game but display_get_orientation() won't detect that flip either.
It always returns either landscape or landscape_flipped whichever came first.


2014-08-14 01:39

Updater   ~0031849

Problem still persists in v1.4.1398 too.

Neil Wicker

2015-02-03 11:35

Updater   ~0035608

Still in 1.4.1522 - assigning on.


2015-10-01 09:30

Updater   ~0039803

Currently it seems that it never returns landscape_flipped at all. Always returns landscape


2015-10-05 11:13

Updater   ~0039819

I mean that when game starts it always return "landscape" orientation regardless of the actual orientation. And this is crucial if game uses device tilts because tilts gives opposite values when device if flipped. So I want to ask you to give more priority on this issue.


2017-04-21 16:11

Adminstrator   ~0052879

Still in 1.4.1763 according to end user.

Russell Kay

2018-05-09 21:18

Manager   ~0059453

We have been around the houses on this one, not all phones support all orientations so it will not report them all and this means that the output can be sporadic depending on the phone


2019-02-13 13:34

Adminstrator   ~0063025

Mass-closing as per the Resolution of Won't Fix.

If the comment from the dev above says this report was resolved because there was no sample, but you still have this issue in a CURRENT version of GMS2, please do submit a Helpdesk ticket and give us a sample project and we will add a new bug report with the fresh info.