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0014554Runner[All Projects] AndroidPublic2018-05-31 16:25
ReporterJason McMillenAssigned ToDan 
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Summary0014554: Android: Pressing OUYA system button on controller does nothing not mapped to gp_start
DescriptionI've tried adding code under the often talked about m-key mapping solution to access the OUYA's system button, but this doesn't register a button press at all in the latest version.

Code example:
if (keyboard_check(ord("M"))) audio_play_sound(snd_shot,10,false);

The above will not play when any of the OUYA system buttons are pressed.

Further it would be best to map it in a more conventional way such as gp_start or make a new gp_system if need be.
Steps To ReproduceIf we are indeed talking about the same button and you are not thinking that I'm talking about the "Power (On/Off) Button" on the console it's self then you are 100% wrong. In fact they OUYA's functionality of the gamepad's system button was changed to only bring up the in-game OUYA menu after it was double-pressed for the purpose of it's developers to have this button for their use.

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Russell Kay

2014-05-29 09:27

Manager   ~0029263

Unfortunately the Ouya button is not mapped in a standard way so it can be read like that, it is actually a system button (much like the PS button on a PS4/PS3/PSVita controller) it is handled by the system

Jason McMillen

2014-07-29 07:01

Reporter   ~0031369

Last edited: 2014-07-29 07:01

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I've noticed a lot of other OUYA-related tickets getting a bit more attention than this one. It's listed at a higher priority so I'm wondering has there been a hiccup or a roadblock on it?

Any way I an assist?


2015-11-04 08:54

Adminstrator   ~0040148

Please retest in 1657+ to confirm if still an issue.


2018-05-31 16:25

Adminstrator   ~0060102

Ouya has been gone for a while...