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0010136Runner[All Projects] HTML5Public2017-08-03 11:10
ReporterLAssigned ToMike Dailly 
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Summary0010136: HTML5: -webkit-interpolation-mode is a non-existent CSS attribute
DescriptionI notice that compiled HTML5 pages gives the canvas element the CSS attribute "-webkit-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor;" As far as I can tell this attribute does not exist in any major browser, nor is it likely to exist in the near future. So, I don't know what the point of it is.

(Incidentally, "image-rendering: optimiseSpeed" seems to be a synonym for "image-rendering: auto", so it's kind of redundant)
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2013-03-17 12:31

Reporter   ~0018741

Yea, interpolation is always turned on in Chrome...

Daniel Cleaton

2013-03-17 21:05

Adminstrator   ~0018780

Last edited: 2013-03-17 21:06

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A quick Google-ing turned up that webkit has a long-standing bug in its implementation of interpolation on Windows (this covers Chrome, FF and Safari, and Opera in the near future; so "most" of the major browsers, not "none"). However, the option does work fully on OSX.

Will see if we want to do anything about this, but obviously the web works on more than just Windows.

Mike Dailly

2017-05-18 08:58

Manager   ~0053196

I'm reluctant to remove any of these as there is simply too many variations, and when we added them it would have been added as it fixed a browser...somewhere.

You can of course remove it yourself for your own project if you like, and include a custom index file.