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0010112Runner[All Projects] NetworkingPublic2021-07-23 11:41
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Summary0010112: Android: network_send_broadcast and WiFi tethering problem
DescriptionSome Android devices have the ability to set themselves up as a WiFi access point to allow other devices to connect to it.
This creates a local network between devices and is fantastic for mobile game networking without using the internet or a separate router.

However, the function network_send_broadcast will not broadcast over this local network. Instead, it chooses to broadcast over the external mobile data network connection that the device has. If the device doesn't have a mobile data connection then I can't tell if it is broadcasting at all (but it still isn't over the local network).
Additional InformationIf there was a function to get the IP address of the device running the server I could at least display that IP address so the user could tell it to all the client users so they can connect, but that function doesn't exist.

Therefore there is currently no way for users to connect to each other at the moment through connecting over a local network created by one of the devices using WiFi tethering.
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2013-04-06 01:49

Updater   ~0019569

This topic provides some insight in to what I'm asking:


2013-04-09 07:59

Updater   ~0019637

I've found a workaround for this issue(check the topic in the previous note).
It is far from ideal but could be useful to anybody else that comes across this issue.


2021-07-23 11:41

Developer   ~0066481

Unable to confirm now, as missing required sample. If this still happens in the current GMS2 release, then we will investigate a fresh report. Closing.