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00288391.4 IDE BugsBuild MacPublic2018-09-02 16:56
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned ToSteven Campbell 
PriorityLowSeverityB - MajorReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
PlatformOSWindows 10OS Version
Product Version1.4.1804 
Target Version1.4 FinalFixed in Version1.4 Final 
Summary0028839: Build Mac: Putty doesn't quote your password or escape the string so your password fails if it starts with a symbol
DescriptionWhilst verifying another bug I made my Mac password !"£$%^&*() at which point when you attempt to build or test a connection to the Mac you'll get this error:

cmd /c ""C:\Users\stewart.bishop\AppData\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\putty\plink" -ssh -batch -pw !"£$%^&*() Stewart@ echo Hello World"

PuTTY Link: command-line connection utility
Release 0.62
Usage: plink [options] [user@]host [command]
       ("host" can also be a PuTTY saved session name)
  -V print version information and exit
  -pgpfp print PGP key fingerprints and exit
  -v show verbose messages
  -load sessname Load settings from saved session
  -ssh -telnet -rlogin -raw -serial
            force use of a particular protocol
  -P port connect to specified port
  -l user connect with specified username
  -batch disable all interactive prompts
The following options only apply to SSH connections:
  -pw passw login with specified password
  -D [listen-IP:]listen-port
            Dynamic SOCKS-based port forwarding
  -L [listen-IP:]listen-port:host:port
            Forward local port to remote address
  -R [listen-IP:]listen-port:host:port
            Forward remote port to local address
  -X -x enable / disable X11 forwarding
  -A -a enable / disable agent forwarding
  -t -T enable / disable pty allocation
  -1 -2 force use of particular protocol version
  -4 -6 force use of IPv4 or IPv6
  -C enable compression
  -i key private key file for authentication
  -noagent disable use of Pageant
  -agent enable use of Pageant
  -m file read remote command(s) from file
  -s remote command is an SSH subsystem (SSH-2 only)
  -N don't start a shell/command (SSH-2 only)
  -nc host:port
            open tunnel in place of session (SSH-2 only)
  -sercfg configuration-string (e.g. 19200,8,n,1,X)
            Specify the serial configuration (serial only)
Steps To Reproduce1) Change your password on your Mac to !"£$%^&*()
2) Update your preferences to your new password
3) Within preferences check mac connection
4) See that this fails
5) Run on Mac
6) See that this also fails
1.4 Found In1.4.1784


Steven Campbell

2018-02-12 09:45

Developer   ~0057676

From playing with this, it looks like the character escaping between CMD and BASH fighting each other... I'm not entirely sure we can actually fix this in a way that supports all those characters.
Will keep poking at it...

Steven Campbell

2018-02-13 17:29

Developer   ~0057714

Fixed in GitLab Git Id: 688817bc1eaa5b94958e7c2604c0f032a5f66a8b


2018-07-02 10:33

Adminstrator   ~0060770

Ubuntu gets the same fix.


2018-09-02 16:56

Adminstrator   ~0061424

Fine in 1.4.9999. Closing.