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0028613RunnerUWPPublic2018-05-09 16:32
ReporterStewart BishopAssigned ToAlan Savage 
PriorityHighSeverityA - Crash/HangReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Product Version 
Target Version2.1.4Fixed in Version2.1.4 
Summary0028613: UWP: Games crash upon being restored after the OnSuspended event has been fired
DescriptionIf you have a UWP game and minimise it, then wait ten seconds, the OnSuspended event will fire. When the OnRestore event gets fired after your game is restored, the game will crash every time.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new project
2) Run the game for Windows UWP target
3) Minimize the game window
4) Wait ten seconds
5) Restore the window
6) Game crashes
1.4 Found In1.4.1773
2.x Runtime Found In2.1.3.189
2.x Runtime Verified In2.1.3.189


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