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00225251.4 IDE BugsSavingPublic2017-03-01 11:33
ReporterDaniel CleatonAssigned ToMike Rennie 
PriorityVery HighSeverityB - MajorReproducibility100%
Status ClosedResolutionFixed 
Platform-OSWindows 8OS Version8.1 Pro x64
Summary0022525: Saving: Possible to corrupt resources by running project whilst unsaved name changes
DescriptionIf you're in the process of renaming a resource and you run your game this will change the, but not rename the individual resource .gmx. However, at this point the IDE thinks there are no changes awaiting saving, so if the user closes the IDE immediately after closing their game, the IDE will fail to correct the project "imbalance", meaning when you try to reopen this project it will complain about missing resources and you can lose data.

Expected: Pressing the run/create exe button fully applies any rename change for all open resources.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Studio and create a new project.
2. Add a room (room0).
3. Okay the room once to close it.
4. Now open the room again and use the name field within the room's settings to rename the room to room1, but do not confirm this in any way.
5. Hit the play button to run the game.
6. Observe the IDE removes the saving flag but does not update the asset name.
7. Note that the game appears fine. Close the game.
8. Close the IDE and observe a lack of saving confirmation.
9. Start Studio again and open the project once more. Observe missing assets errors.

Repro: 100%
Additional InformationIn some cases your re-loaded corrupted project will then cause the IDE to throw AVs when trying to check the resource tree contents.
1.4 Found In1.99.487


Daniel Cleaton

2016-07-11 16:02


Renaming.png (55,597 bytes)
Renaming.png (55,597 bytes)
After.png (11,410 bytes)
After.png (11,410 bytes)

Mike Rennie

2016-07-13 15:38

Developer   ~0045144

Fixed this by saving the project GMX again if it detects there's unsaved changes on close.