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00173891.4 Debugger[All Projects] GeneralPublic2018-02-05 16:28
ReporterBrandon SchmeidlerAssigned ToFritz 
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Summary0017389: Debugger: "System" Event Unkown in Debugger
DescriptionI was reading tech blog #89 which shows how to setup gamepads with the system event. But I ran into a problem right at the beginning. When I connected/disconnected the gamepad it wouldn't trigger the system event. Upon further investigation I noticed that in the debugger it has "unknown" in place where "System Event" should be

Here's a screenshot showing the debugger

The setup for this was simple. Just a controller object with this in the system event.

var eventType = async_load[? "event_type"];

I was using a wireless xbox 360 controller with a wireless receiver. I also had somebody else test it with their wired controller and they had the same result as I did. So I'm not sure if the system event is bugged or what but I figured the unknown thing might be an issue.
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2017-03-13 17:07

Developer   ~0052148

Fixed this a while ago