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0016073Runner[All Projects] FunctionsPublic2016-11-29 17:26
ReportergrixAssigned ToMike Rennie 
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Summary0016073: Functions: Imprecise draw_arrow()
DescriptionI have an object that draws an arrow based on some variables, this is the code:


When the arrow faces in some directions, it draws fine. But when it faces some other directions, the arrowhead is not exactly where it should be. It is shifted one or two pixels off the line, to the point that that you can actually see that the arrow has two ends, one where the arrowhead ends and one where the line ends. I uploaded a screenshot here:
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1.4 Found In1.4.1451
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Peter Carr

2014-10-03 10:34


drawArrow.gmz (904,085 bytes)


2014-10-04 20:51

Reporter   ~0032824

I think there is a problem with drawing lines in general. I have noticed similar problems, when for example trying to draw a circle at the tip of a line, or drawing a line by the edge of a triangle etc.

Erik Leppen

2014-10-10 16:15

Updater   ~0033111

These problems with one-pixels offsets are ancient, by the way. It's long overdue that someone looks at them and fixes all of them once and for all.

For example, drawing a rectangle gives a different result than drawing a primitive using the same numbers for the vertices. I think these should be the same.


2015-01-12 16:59

Reporter   ~0035163

Any progress on this?

It might be worth mentioning that this bug doesn't seem to be present in HTML5 exports, so it is platform dependent.