0031453: [UI] UI: Certain font characters being drawn will cause the IDE font to become corrupted (Russell Kay)
0031521: [Importing Projects] Importing Projects (1.4): Draw_Arrow DnD action compatibility script is not correct, breaks in-game (Russell Kay)
0031414: [Crash Reporter] Crash Reporter: Will sometimes close along with the IDE when a crash occurs (Russell Kay)
0031480: [General] General: [MacIDE] On Catalina, on first launch we request permission to have GMS2 receive keystrokes from any application (Russell Kay)
0031454: [Compiling] Compiling: Shader errors will display the incorrect line number (Mike Rennie)
0031462: [Extension Editor] Extension Editor: "Extension Options Files" and "Supports" sections are currently redundant and should be removed (David Clarke)
0031430: [Web Server] Web Server: New console app webserver produces a lot of messages in Output window (Russell Kay)
0031436: [Web Server] Web Server: Copyright info listed as ending in 2018 (Russell Kay)
0031322: [Syntax Errors] Syntax Error: if statement with immediately succeeding semicolon is a compiler error but does not appear in syntax highlighting (Russell Kay)
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