0031540: [tvOS] tvOS: Calling extension functions results in a small memory leak every time (Fritz)
0031489: [iOS] iOS: iPad Pro 11" device does not correctly scale to utilise the full screen when in landscape (Fritz)
0030631: [Windows] Windows: Corsair K55 RGB keyboard causes increasing delay starting the runner at the end of builds (CoreTech)
0031481: [General] General: Drawing to the GUI layer with non-sprite functions with depth < -15998 are not drawn (Fritz)
0031452: [iOS] iOS: Unable to include *.bundle archives. (CoreTech)
0030375: [Physics] Physics: Particles in the specific project don't behave as expected (CoreTech)
0031366: [General] General: get_display_xxxx does not function correctly when used on secondary monitory, resulting in fullscreen not being correct (CoreTech)
0031483: [Functions] Functions: surface_get_width/height functions do not return correct values for resized surface until after 2 frames (Luke Brown)
0031523: [Physics] Physics: Physics_fixture_bind function is causing webpage to crash (Fritz)
0031501: [HTML5] HTML5: Some instance variables are not throwing an error when being assigned the wrong type (Luke Brown)
0031502: [Functions] Functions: [YYC] ds_stack_pop() on an empty stack returns 0 instead of undefined, differs from VM (Russell Kay)
0031515: [HTML5] HTML5: asset_get_index has some suspicious broken trailing code (Luke Brown)
0031370: [Networking] Networking: WebSocket connections are not functioning correctly with the current NodeJS release (Russell Kay)
0031353: [Functions] Functions: json_encode on a double nested map with reals as keys will give gibberish the first time (Russell Kay)
0030953: [HTML5] HTML5: Nested arrays behave differently to on Windows (Russell Kay)
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