0031383: [HTML5] HTML5: surface_free() crashes the page if the surface doesn't exist (Luke Brown)
0031431: [General] General: Objects with depth < -15998 are not drawn (Fritz)
0031377: [iOS] iOS: (iOS13) Launch of applications running landscape/flipped landscape will launch incorrect resolution (Fritz)
0031417: [HTML5] HTML5: for() loops cause a page crash (Russell Kay)
0031362: [HTML5] HTML5: Submitting custom vertex buffer will cause game to crash (Luke Brown)
0031351: [HTML5] HTML5: Game will crash using rectangle_in_rectangle on two rectangles that fall within the xbounds but are outwith the ybounds (Luke Brown)
0031357: [HTML5] HTML5: Game will crash using bitwise operators (Luke Brown)
0031449: [iOS] iOS: Audio muted after screen is locked (Fritz)
0031446: [HTML5] HTML5: Accessing a 2-dimensional array as an argument through a script will crash the page on startup (Russell Kay)
0031442: [HTML5] HTML5: Attached project hangs when comparing two arrays which also reference themselves (Russell Kay)
0031441: [Mac] macOS: Xbox One wireless gamepads do not get correct input from D-Pads (Russell Kay)
0031413: [iOS] iOS: "Defer Home Indicator" option does not function as expected on iOS 13 (David Clarke)
0031420: [Functions] Functions: string_upper/lower() on md5_file() result of a file that does not exist causes crash (Russell Kay)
0031426: [HTML5] HTML5: for() loops that omit sections of the statement/expression will cause a page crash (Russell Kay)
0031428: [Windows (YYC)] Windows YYC: Post-increment optimisation in 2.2.4 causes issues when parsing script arguments array, tries to read off the end (Russell Kay)
0031425: [HTML5] HTML5: Timelines throw an error in browser console about missing event_perform_timeline(), don't start (Russell Kay)
0031402: [HTML5] HTML5: draw_surface() is not taking in global alpha (Russell Kay)
0031275: [iOS] iOS: Splash screens are not showing any more (Fritz)
0031401: [HTML5] HTML5: image_blend getter does not work when webGL is disabled (Luke Brown)
0031400: [Windows (YYC)] Windows YYC: Failing to provide the correct number of arguments to a script will cause project to crash without error (Russell Kay)
0031408: [HTML5] HTML5: if() comparison can differ from Windows (Russell Kay)
0031371: [Input Devices] Input Devices: Gamepad support has been broken on macOS VM (David Clarke)
0031317: [Functions] Functions: After performing a room_assign, switching to the assigned room does not trigger create events of objects (Fritz)
0031374: [HTML5] HTML5: Potentially obsolete instance_sprite() is not implemented (Fritz)
0031309: [Functions] Functions: layer_script_begin() doesn't work correctly when returning to persistent rooms (Fritz)
0031350: [HTML5] HTML5: layer_background_create() throws "ReferenceError: _SL is not defined", crashes game (Luke Brown)
0031060: [Functions] Functions: http_request() doesn't work correctly with mixed contents (Fritz)
0031012: [Mac] Mac: http_request with a buffer body ignores the "method" and does a POST instead (Fritz)
0031314: [Functions] Functions: json_decode turns nulls inside lists into zeroes (Russell Kay)
0031318: [Functions] HTML5: round() will fail when trying to use very large numbers (Luke Brown)
0031303: [Functions] Functions: gpu_set_texrepeat(true) does not behave as expected on openGL platforms (Mike Rennie)
0031118: [Buffers] Functions: buffer_resize does not work correctly for buffer_fast (Russell Kay)
0031161: [General] General: The constant 0.5 evaluates to true when part of a boolean expression (Russell Kay)
0031163: [Functions] Functions: We don't support writing buffer_f16 (Russell Kay)
0018063: [IAPs] IAPs: Checking if an IAP product has been refunded using iap_refunded always returns false (Dan)
0031167: [Steam] Steam: Third-party "Steamworks_gml" extension no longer works for VM, only YYC (Russell Kay)
0031203: [Steam] Steam: We ship steam_api.dll v1.35 as part of the Windows runtime, incorrectly use this when building for VM (Russell Kay)
0029316: [General] General: Attached project crashes when using certain strings in show_debug_message() when debugging (Russell Kay)
0031213: [Events] Events: Having any object with a depth <= -15999 will cause all other objects to not draw during draw_end event (Fritz)
0031170: [HTML5] HTML5: WebGL preserveDrawingBuffer isn't being set correctly (because of a typo?) (Luke Brown)
0031260: [Collisions] Collisions: Accessing the bounding box in the end step seems to cause your bounding box to be re-evaluated for future collisions (Fritz)
0031124: [Social] Social: achievement_load_leaderboard() does not work properly on Game Center (David Clarke)
0031266: [Functions] Functions: json_encode() with a map containing an array key hard-crashes the game (Russell Kay)
0031013: [Mac] Mac: non-POST http_request with body starting with NUL times out and throws a broken async event (Fritz)
0031030: [Extensions] Extensions: iOS - can not add framework with "+" sign in its name (Fritz)
0031141: [UWP] UWP: Games are always windowed, even if you select the "start in fullscreen" option (Fritz)
0031155: [Functions] Functions: room_duplicate() does not preserve "object following" value set in source room (Fritz)
0031184: [Ubuntu] Ubuntu: Game runs at center of all monitors in multiple-monitor setup (Russell Kay)
0031022: [HTML5] HTML5: Rooms with viewports enabled but making the view not visible prevent instance of triggering events (Luke Brown)
0031051: [HTML5] HTML5: ds_grid_value_* doesn't quit upon finding a candidate, so always returns bottom-right result (Luke Brown)
0031110: [UWP] UWP: Calls to window_set_size() are silently ignored (Fritz)
0031246: [Collisions] Collisions: Runner crashes when checking for a collision in specific project (Fritz)
0030712: [HTML5] HTML5: event_perform_object() does not work as expected in various ways (Luke Brown)
0030950: [HTML5] HTML5: file_find_first() returns -1 instead of ""; file_find_next() returns nothing (Luke Brown)
0031076: [Functions] Functions: draw_sprite_ext doesn't work on YYC if color is set to -1 (Russell Kay)
0031117: [Buffers] Buffers: buffer_compress() appears to cause a memory leak the size of the source buffer (Russell Kay)
0031158: [Functions] Functions: resizing+externally modifying a buffer won't change the "available bytes" counter (Russell Kay)
0030777: [Mac] Mac: Runner crashes when firing multiple http_get_file() for large files (Fritz)
0030702: [HTML5] HTML5: Inconsistencies with keyboard_* and mouse_* variables between Windows and HTML5 when changing rooms or resetting the game (Luke Brown)
0031179: [Functions] General: max/min/avg FPS values added to the output window log can show odd results when using game_end() (Russell Kay)
0031234: [Functions] Functions: infinity is not equal to infinity (Russell Kay)
0031011: [Functions] Functions: http_request() will hard crash the runtime if header map contains non-string fields (Fritz)
0030778: [Windows] Windows: Runner crashes when using ds_list_mark_as_map() on invalid data (Fritz)
0031209: [Mac] Mac: gamepad_test_mapping() does not work, pads continue using their original map (Russell Kay)
0031116: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_flush(NaN) crashes the page (Luke Brown)
0031160: [HTML5] HTML5: skeleton_animation_get_frame() doesn't work properly, always returns 0 (Luke Brown)
0031077: [Functions] Functions: audio_sync_group_is_playing() crashes the runner if given the group ID "-1" (Fritz)
0031072: [HTML5] HTML5: date_valid_datetime() says dates older than Jan 1 1970 are valid, differs from Windows (Luke Brown)
0031016: [Windows (YYC)] Windows (YYC): Trying to draw a tileset via a vertex buffer silently fails (Russell Kay)
0031259: [HTML5] HTML5: rectangle_in_rectangle() gives different results to Windows (Luke Brown)
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0031482: [HTML5] HTML5: 2.2.4 requires manually setting view wport/hport when using window_set_size() & surface_resize(application_surface) (Luke Brown)
0031527: [HTML5] HTML5: Inconsistent behaviour of Spine blending, normal run vs debug run (Luke Brown)
0031514: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_activate/deactivate_object() will not behave correctly when being called on parent instances (Luke Brown)
0031517: [Android] Android: Running via a launcher, minimizing a game and running from launcher again causes game to crash (Fritz)
0031518: [Android] Android: ! character in Noto Sans font has excessive kerning (Russell Kay)
0031088: [Mac] Mac: mouse_button always reports 0 regardless of button pressed (Russell Kay)
0031512: [Android] Android: Certain devices can show a Gamepad.java crash "(java.lang.NullPointerException)" on startup (Russell Kay)
0031526: [SWF] SWF: Always uses full-image mask on HTML5, differs from Windows, etc., regardless of what is actually set in the IDE (Luke Brown)
0031285: [General] General: Drawing fonts at floating point coordinates causes last set of pixels to be cut off (windows 8 and above only) (Fritz)
0031415: [Functions] Functions: argument[@<ind>] compiles and then crashes on VM, produces invalid C++ on YYC (Russell Kay)
0031373: [HTML5] HTML5: sprite_set_bbox_mode() and sprite_get_bbox_mode() are not implemented (Luke Brown)
0031438: [HTML5] HTML5: instance_destroy() function does not work the same as on Windows (Luke Brown)
0031486: [HTML5] HTML5: js Extensions are sometimes not loaded before their function calls (Luke Brown)
0031488: [Functions] Functions: is_nan() and is_infinity() return compile errors when checking non-numerical values (Russell Kay)
0031429: [HTML5] HTML5: buffer_load_partial() does not respect the "length" parameter (Luke Brown)
0031484: [Paths] Paths: Creating and deleting large amounts of paths at once shows a stall and possible small memory leak (Russell Kay)
0031476: [HTML5] HTML5: http_request() will cause a crash (Luke Brown)
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0031577: [Buffers] Buffers: Deleting the receiving buffer for http_request before the result has returned gives a silent crash (Fritz)
0031366: [General] General: get_display_xxxx does not function correctly when used on secondary monitory, resulting in fullscreen not being correct (CoreTech)
0031653: [3D] 3D: Drawing a polygon with a sprite applied to it draws sprite incorrectly until game is restarted (Fritz)
0031578: [Font] Font: Text drawn at floating point locations will appear misaligned on Nvidia graphics cards (Mike Rennie)
0031481: [General] General: Drawing to the GUI layer with non-sprite functions with depth < -15998 are not drawn (Fritz)
0031719: [Functions] Functions: draw_text_ext() does not wrap on all standardised break-able whitespace characters (Fritz)
0031725: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: Arguments now being passed by-reference introduces unexpected behaviour (Russell Kay)
0031665: [Networking] Networking: Crash after finishing Async Network event (Fritz)
0031489: [iOS] iOS: Some iOS 13 devices do not correctly scale to utilise the full screen when in landscape (Fritz)
0031698: [Windows] Windows: Runner crashes silently when "painting" to create multiple new instances (Fritz)
0031633: [Sprites] Windows: Black border appears around sprites if using "interpolate colours" and float values for scale/rotation/position (Fritz)
0031660: [tvOS] tvOS: Using http_request() will crash the game (Fritz)
0031657: [Mac] macOS: Runner crashes during collision check in the attached project (Fritz)
0031647: [iOS] iOS: Audio is muted after temporary interruption (i.e. notification) (Fritz)
0031542: [Windows (YYC)] Windows YYC: ds_stack_pop() returns 0 instead of undefined for empty stacks, differs with VM (Russell Kay)
0031536: [Buffers] Buffers: Creating a buffer doesn't set its "used size" properly in some cases (Fritz)
0030899: [Physics] Physics: Fixtures are offset by one pixel by default (Fritz)
0031071: [Physics] Physics: Apparent memory leak in rapid instance creation and destruction, can see RAM raise and doesn't fall back (Fritz)
0031562: [Ubuntu (YYC)] Ubuntu YYC: Crash due to bad call to XUndefineCursor() if game fails to start properly (Russell Kay)
0031566: [Extensions] Google Play Services: Service sign-in sometimes returns error and can cause crash (Fritz)
0031587: [HTML5] HTML5: Font metadata is not accessible from the Create Event (Luke Brown)
0031560: [Ubuntu (YYC)] Ubuntu YYC: Uses an incorrect default file path to libsteam_api.so (Russell Kay)
0031610: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: int32 += a_double rounds the float (Russell Kay)
0031608: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: ++boolean/--boolean remains a clamped boolean, unlike on VM (Russell Kay)
0030670: [Steam] Steam: Running a Steam-enabled Windows game from any Windows Steam IDE returns the ID for GMS2, not the game (Fritz)
0030956: [UWP] UWP: Internet Permission doesn't seem to be getting set correctly, as networking is failing (Fritz)
0030953: [HTML5] HTML5: Nested arrays behave differently to on Windows (Russell Kay)
0031516: [Views / Cameras] Android: One view over another causes device_mouse_x/y to return incorrect values on Android 9+ devices (Fritz)
0030999: [Functions] Functions: json_encode() truncates int64 values to be int32s (Fritz)
0031557: [HTML5] HTML5: iOS browsers don't appear to free memory after a streamed sound has finished, crashes the page on low RAM devices (Luke Brown)
0031547: [Windows (YYC)] Windows YYC: Comparing irandom() whole to a decimal number ignores the fractional part and returns true (Russell Kay)
0031531: [Functions] Functions: draw_text_ext() in conjunction with string_hash_to_newline() results in glyphs shown for the newlines (Fritz)
0031540: [tvOS] tvOS: Calling extension functions results in a small memory leak every time (Fritz)
0031501: [HTML5] HTML5: Some instance variables are not throwing an error when being assigned the wrong type (Luke Brown)
0031515: [HTML5] HTML5: asset_get_index has some suspicious broken trailing code (Luke Brown)
0031370: [Networking] Networking: WebSocket connections are not functioning correctly with the current NodeJS release (Russell Kay)
0030375: [Physics] Physics: Every 2,750-ish particles, the particles system fails to work correctly for the next 1,000 particles (Fritz)
0031474: [General] General: Attached project will cause the "runner has stopped working" Windows error message (Scott Dunbar)
0031621: [HTML5] HTML5: Running projects on Edge/IE11 does not work when using default device target settings, results in a Bing search (Luke Brown)
0031658: [Font] Font: draw_text_ext_transformed_colour() does not draw text if the string begins with "W" (Russell Kay)
0031009: [Variables (Object/Instance)] Variables: "direction" can be a negative value, differs if rotating clockwise or anticlockwise (Fritz)
0031622: [HTML5] HTML5: Room background does not work on Internet Explorer 11 (Luke Brown)
0031598: [Functions] Functions: More than 3 spaces at the end of a string confuses string_height_ext() (Russell Kay)
0031576: [HTML5] HTML5: Using part_system_create_layer() causes game startup fail (Luke Brown)
0031523: [Physics] Physics: Physics_fixture_bind function is causing webpage to crash (Fritz)
0031549: [HTML5] HTML5: effect_create_...() has a code error "unable to convert rgb(0,0,0) to a number" if using ef_explosion, crashes the game (Luke Brown)
0031596: [HTML5] HTML5: Directly accessing a value in a ds map that references an array causes a crash (Russell Kay)
0031674: [HTML5] HTML5: string(undefined) is "null" (Russell Kay)
0031623: [Mac] Mac: array_copy behaves differently on Mac OS compared to windows when coping 1d arrays (Russell Kay)
0031592: [Functions] Functions: When using a custom font draw_text_ext() will add the default char [] instead of \n, and so fails to wrap text (Fritz)
0031588: [Variables (In-Built)] Variables: YYC differs from VM in that "undefined" is defined as a very large number (something greater than "infinity") (Russell Kay)
0031574: [Paths] Paths: Using a custom camera view breaks some path...() and mp_grid...() functions, causes silent crash (Fritz)
0031534: [Buffers] Buffers: buffer_peek() using buffer_string() always fails (Russell Kay)
0031630: [Installing] Installing: NSIS game installs do not add a working shortcut to the game exe to the start menu (Russell Kay)
0031609: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: --string_with_a_number_inside and ++SWaN leak the string, ++ is only allowed on YYC (Russell Kay)
0031569: [Windows (YYC)] Windows YYC: draw_sprite_ext() won't draw anything if alpha in the colour value used (Russell Kay)
0031502: [Functions] Functions: [YYC] ds_stack_pop() on an empty stack returns 0 instead of undefined, differs from VM (Russell Kay)
0031625: [Windows (YYC)] YYC: Using an array accessor to set an element to itself results in "undefined" (Russell Kay)
0031524: [Mac] Mac: Does not detect any middle mouse button interactions (Russell Kay)
0028721: [Mac] Mac: Remove the splash screen delay for test builds (Russell Kay)
0031182: [Android] Android : Splash screen not corrected for aspect ratio, appears stretched (Fritz)
0031353: [Functions] Functions: json_encode on a double nested map with reals as keys will give gibberish the first time (Russell Kay)
0031619: [Windows (YYC)] Functions: [YYC] Doesn't always validate the number of arguments passed to script_execute(), can cause knock-on errors (Russell Kay)
0031612: [Functions] Functions: draw_set_color inside a with is not producing the same results between VM and YYC (Russell Kay)
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0030631: [Windows] Windows: Corsair K55 RGB keyboard causes increasing delay starting the runner at the end of builds (CoreTech)
0031604: [Networking] Networking: Using reliable UDP creates a memory leak (CoreTech)
0031724: [Android] Android: Networking calls can crash client with error in the "Socket Unpack" function (Fritz)
0031726: [Functions] Functions: zip_unzip() does not work if called from a game installation folder which has a non-ascii char in the path (Russell Kay)
0031452: [iOS] iOS: Unable to include *.bundle archives. (David Clarke)
0018653: [Physics] Physics: physics_fixture_bind_ext offset is not working (Fritz)
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